Sunday, November 21, 2010

Oksana gets greedy

Fifteen million just to shut the hell up ain't enough for some people. Oksana Grigorieva, whose lawyer had already negotiated that very amount in a tidy little payday package, is now instructing her attorney that she is eager to recommence negotiations.

TMZ reports that this would be done by threatening Mel with continued negative publicity, which Grigorieva has expertly deduced that he does not want. In specific, Oksana has apparently learned that the 'ante' could be upped by bringing domestic violence allegations into what was formerly only about America's new favorite pastime, the glorious glorious tapes. (Which, incidentally, make for excellent soundboard fodder. Skip to about 1:20)

For me, it's all a waiting game now. I just want to say I called it when TMZ starts reporting Eric George is applying for a restraining order against Oksana for continued harassing texts like "Everyone knows about the blow job and fire thing, eric, old news. But does he really want public knowing that some times he does not leave the set [sic] for the toilet down?? I am thinking maybe a half millions. Get back to me."

On the one hand, this is probably any given attorney's greatest dream come true, a greedy celebrity client with money to burn and only the pain of anti-semites in mind. On the other hand, how do you make sure a woman scorned stays sensible enough to bring any money at all in? Any lawyer who says civil casework is easy has clearly never owned a disobedient Mordvinian pitbull drunk with revenge.