Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ke$ha... animal.... screw it, too easy.

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So this is Ke$ha pre fame? It doesn't really surprise me. Her voice is actually kind of grating when you think about it, and anyone talentless enough to need to base a whole song on the poor little country maid just to make deadline probably looked this annoying at one stage of their life.

She looks like the girl who sits on her own in the cafeteria. The goths might make an effort to convert her, until she shoves them out of her face ("CAN'T YOU SEE I'M BUSY") and continues flashing creepy cheerful smiles at the cheerleaders' table. She breathes heavily and bides her time. One day...

On a side note, I guess this is proof enough that anyone, anywhere, can get famous. Inspirational, in its own sickening way. If they're enough of a whore, that is. ....It is a catchy melody though.

I'm the whitest polar bear
If you hate me I don't care
something else then underwear

Somebody get me EMI.

A penny for your thoughts.     (Not really, I'm cheap)


  1. "I guess this is proof enough that anyone, anywhere, can get famous."

    This is somehow true, but you also need a huge load of motivation or luck!

  2. LOL AT THE PIC. Ugh Ke$ha sucks.
    Thanks for the lulz /b/roseph.

  3. kesha is kinda gross...i dont like her

  4. "Somebody get me EMI."

    LOL i agree. WTF are they thinking